March 7, 2005

R Crumb is man of the hour in the U.K.

Following are some excerpts from a nice interview in the Guardian at Crumb's manse in southern France.

'It's strange talking to Crumb - his words are depressive and lugubrious, and yet he appears mellow, laughing easily through his existential nausea.'

'He accepts, reluctantly, that his misanthropy may well be rooted in idealism.'

'"I see the worst aspects of everything. Aline used to roll her eyes because she thinks I ranted and raved about everything that is wrong, so she moved us over here and got us outta there." What did he think was wrong? He doesn't know where to start - corporatism, Coca-Cola, George W, intolerance, Christian fundamentalism, red tape, prices, logos, environmental destruction, property developers. "Oy!" he says.'

'Aline says meditation has made him far more balanced and has slightly eased his self-loathing.'