March 24, 2005

"First pour at wind farm"

A report from Australia describes the foundation for a 2-MW Enercon E-70 wind turbine (85-m tower + 35-m blades):
The Mount Millar Wind Farm between Cowell and Cleve moved into its next phase on Tuesday when the first foundation for a turbine tower was poured.

About 325 cubic metres of concrete was poured into the foundation, which represents about 65 truck loads.

The first foundation to be poured was in a hole about 2.5 metres deep with a diameter of 17 metres.

Just over 40 tonnes of reinforcing rod was used in the hole as strengthening for the foundation. The reinforcing rod forms a cage in the hole, which gives the base its strength.
That's 425 cubic yards of concrete and 44 tons of steel in an 8-ft-deep 56-ft-diameter hole.

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