August 26, 2022

Consent Factory: New Normal Fascism

13/01/2017: Why Ridiculous Official Propaganda Still Works
10/07/2019: The United States of Fascism Hysteria
08/08/2019: The War on White Supremacist Terror
20/08/2019: Manufacturing Mass Fascism Hysteria
03/09/2019: The Future of the Spectacle … or How the West Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Reality Police
04/10/2019: Trumpenstein Must Be Destroyed!
21/10/2019: The Putin-Nazis Are Coming (Again)!
05/11/2019: The Ministry of Wiki-Truth
19/11/2019: Reclaiming Your Inner Fascist
18/12/2019: The Year of Manufactured Hysteria
13/01/2020: World War III
27/01/2020: Dead President Walking
10/02/2020: Bernie Sanders’ Commie Kill Swarm
21/02/2020: Subcomandante Bloomberg
09/03/2020: The Great Chinese Bat Flu Panic of 2020
18/03/2020: Covid-19 Global Lockdown
26/03/2020: The War on Death
13/04/2020: Brave New Normal
04/05/2020: Virus of Mass Destruction
20/05/2020: Brave New Normal (Part 2)
01/06/2020: The Minneapolis Putsch
10/06/2020: The Worst Literal Hitler Ever
29/06/2020: The New (Pathologized) Totalitarianism
20/07/2020: GloboCap Über Alles
29/07/2020: The White Black Nationalist Color Revolution
09/08/2020: Invasion of the New Normals
02/09/2020: New Normal Gleichschaltung, or: The Storming of the Reichstag Building on 29 August, 2020
20/09/2020: The War on Populism: The Final Act
13/10/2020: The Covidian Cult
27/10/2020: The Last Days of the Trumpian Reich
22/11/2020: The Germans Are Back!
08/12/2020: Where’s the Hitler?
16/12/2020: Year Zero
11/01/2021: Are You Ready for Total (Ideological) War?
24/01/2021: That’s All Folks!
08/02/2021: The (New Normal) War on Domestic Terror
23/02/2021: The Vaccine (Dis)Information War
08/03/2021: The New Normal (Phase 2)
22/03/2021: The New Normal “Reality” Police
29/03/2021: The “Unvaccinated” Question
21/04/2021: The Covidian Cult (Part II)
03/05/2021: The Criminalization of Dissent
25/05/2021: Greetings from “New Normal” Germany!
20/06/2021: Manufacturing (New Normal) “Reality”
29/06/2021: The War on Reality
14/07/2021: The Approaching Storm
19/07/2021: The Propaganda War (And How to Fight It)
31/07/2021: The Road to Totalitarianism
13/08/2021: The Propaganda War (Part II)
02/09/2021: The Covidian Cult (Part III)
12/10/2021: The Great New Normal Purge
31/10/2021: (New Normal) Winter is Coming
22/11/2021: Pathologized Totalitarianism 101
16/12/2021: The Year of the New Normal Fascist
18/01/2022: The Last Days of the Covidian Cult
04/02/2022: Attack of the Transphobic Putin-Nazi Truckers!
20/02/2022: The Naked Face of New Normal Fascism
07/03/2022: Revenge of the Putin-Nazis!
27/03/2022: Springtime for GloboCap
09/05/2022: The Rise of the New Normal Reich
25/05/2022: Monkeypoxmania
20/06/2022: The Federal Republic of New Normal Germany
22/07/2022: The Normalization of The New Normal Reich
06/08/2022: The “Unvaccinated” Question (Revisited)
26/08/2022: New Normal Germany’s Geisterfahrer Geist
31/08/2022: The Rise of the New Normal Reich: Consent Factory Essays, Vol. III, banned in Germany, Austria, and The Netherlands!
03/10/2022: The Morning After 16/10/2022: The Gaslighting of the Masses 13/11/2022: The Road to Totalitarianism (Revisited)

A Guide to Understanding the Hoax of the Century, by Jacob Siegel: «The crime is the information war itself, which was launched under false pretenses and by its nature destroys the essential boundaries between the public and private and between the foreign and domestic, on which peace and democracy depend. By conflating the anti-establishment politics of domestic populists with acts of war by foreign enemies, it justified turning weapons of war against Americans citizens. It turned the public arenas where social and political life take place into surveillance traps and targets for mass psychological operations.»