February 29, 2024

A brief note on the name of Phoenix Park

The Irish is fionnuisce, which Ó Dónaill & Ua Maoileoin’s dictionary defines as “uisce locha nó abhann”, water of a lake or river. Uisce is water, and fionn (white, fair) in this context means clear. Fíoruisce is spring water (fíor means true, in this context pure).

Uisce beatha, of course is whiskey, which is more commonly called fuisce, which is a gaelicisation of the English, which itself is from the Gaelic uisge. Macbain’s 1911 etymological dictionary of Gaelic notes that “Stokes suggests the possibility of uisge being for *uskio-, and allied to Eng. wash.” Rounds.

“Tiers, tiers and tiers. Rounds.” (Finnegans Wake page 590) Tears when they are copious are uisce cinn, head water.

Tears in general are deora. An exile is deoraí. Exile is deoraíocht. Nice connection, although Macbain, citing Stokes again, says the latter may come from “un-countried”, something like dí-bhrughacht, whereas deor (the singular form) is related to Greek dákru (i.e., δάκρυ) and Latin lacrima (dacrima in early form) and thus cognate with the English.

January 10, 2024

Quick server load monitor and alert

In crontab:

*/5 * * * * cat /proc/loadavg > /path/to/lafile.txt
1,6,11,16,21,26,31,36,41,46,51,56 * * * * wget -q -O - '[url:]lafile.php'

The loadavg command is thus run every 5 minutes, and the php file is run 1 minute later. The output of loadavg is a single line, eg:

0.75 0.35 0.25 1/25 1747

The 1st value is the average load over the past minute, the 2nd value over the past 5 minutes, and the 3rd over the past 15 minutes. (The 4th value is the number of currently running processes out of the total number of processes, and the last value is the ID of the last process used.)

The php file:

$loadavg = "";
if (file_exists('/path/to/lafile.txt')) {
   $latime = date("g:i:s a, d F Y", filemtime('/path/to/lafile.txt'));
   $loadavg = file_get_contents('/path/to/lafile.txt');
   preg_match('/(\d\.\d\d) (\d\.\d\d) (\d\.\d\d)/', $loadavg, $lamatch);
   if ( $lamatch[2] > 4 ) {
      $mail = new PHPMailer();
      $mail->setFrom("[from@email]", "Sender");
      $mail->addAddress("to@email", "Recipient");
      $mail->Subject = "Server Load Alert";
      $mail->Body = $latime . ":\n\n 1-minute load average: " . $lamatch[1] . "\n 5-minute load average: " . $lamatch[2] . "\n15-minute load average: " . $lamatch[3];

The php file gets the modification time and the first 3 values from file.txt, and if the 2nd value (ie, 5-minute load average) is more than the number of CPUs of the server (eg, 4), it sends an e-mail alert.

It may be possible to combine these into a single shell script with the use of awk, but I'm not familiar with it. Also, the mail() function instead of PHPMailer could be used.

December 18, 2023

Anti-Semitism Appeals to Intellectuals Because It Feels Like an Idea

Adam Kirsch writes at Mosaic (excerpted):

Gary Saul Morson’s characteristically learned and insightful essay on Dostoevsky raises the question of how a writer with such a profound understanding of good and evil could fall prey to such a rudimentary moral failing as Jew-hatred. As Morson says, the implications of this question go far beyond Dostoevsky himself. His example reveals one of the most troubling qualities of anti-Semitism, here and now as in 19th-century Russia: its shamelessness. Many people who congratulate themselves on their benevolence, and would be deeply ashamed of being exposed as racist or homophobic, take a certain pride in hating Jews.

This is not simple hypocrisy. Rather, it is a sign that anti-Semitism is differently constituted from other kinds of prejudice, so that to those who harbor it, it doesn’t feel like a prejudice at all. Instead, it feels like an idea. ...

The German intellectual Wilhelm Marr coined the term “anti-Semitism” in a book published in 1879, the same year that The Brothers Karamazov began to appear as a serial in a Russian magazine. For Marr, anti-Semitism wasn’t a heart-hatred but a principled hostility to “Semitism,” an ideology supposedly espoused by all Jews. In The Victory of Judaism Over Germandom, Marr wrote that “the Jewish spirit and Jewish consciousness have overpowered the world,” echoing Dostoevsky’s complaint that Jews were responsible for the triumph of European “materialism.” ...

In treating the Jews as a synecdoche for all the developments in modern civilization that they detested, anti-Semites belonged to a very long tradition. As David Nirenberg shows in his excellent book Anti-Judaism, Jews were being used for this purpose even in ancient times. But it was Christianity that made it one of the fundamental habits of the European mind. Starting with the apostle Paul, who said that Judaism was based on the letter that killeth and Christianity on the spirit that giveth life, Western self-criticism has often taken the form of attacking its own Judaizing tendencies. This useful technique makes it possible to recall Christians to their duty while suggesting that they are not really at fault, since they have been led astray by Jews or Jewish values.

Thus for Dostoevsky, the rise of capitalism in the 19th century meant that Christians were giving into the Jewish vice of “blind, carnivorous lust ... for personal accumulation of money.” Similarly, Marr wrote sarcastically that “the Jews are the best citizens of this modern, Christian state,” meaning that Germany had institutionalized the Jewish vice of materialism. Today, Israel often serves the same rhetorical function for Europeans, who like to accuse the Jewish state of the things they are most ashamed of in their own history, from nationalism to colonialism to genocide. ...

December 12, 2023

An example of age-old Jew-hatred masked as secularist liberal/progressive critique

“Matt Morley” on Facebook, as engaged by “Olaf Errwigge”


October 17



Olaf Errwigge
One state, then.

Matt Morley
I think we may be past that now, the people of the lie might have to leave! I'm personally in favour of methodically defunding and dismantling the "Jewish state", but perhaps if there was a policy of mandatory intermarriage then the Khazars might at least have partial authenticity! And I'm only half-joking!

Dale Dickinson
Bad idea

Matt Morley
There are very few good options, my friend!

Иван Спасић

Historically Palestine belongs to Jews also, they are settled there for at least 3000 years. They were genocide by Muslims (religious exile, not national, if you do not except that being Muslim is nation as people from Bosnia want it to be true) in last 1000 years. The problem is that they have to live together, none of them have the right to ethnically clean state. The Middle East was the original melting pot of nations thousands of years before the USA took that label.

Also, a huge part of the problem is that western secret services are putting oil on fire in the Middle East for the last 100 years to be able to control it, so just pull Anglo-Saxons out of there and leave people to deal with their troubles alone and we can have peace. Most people in the Middle East just want to be left alone, there was almost no terrorism there before western money made it. They were warrior nations, but from the times they all become Muslims there were no major wars until GB took some of the land in North Africa and Middle East.

Matt Morley

Иван Спасић Ivan, the notion that the "Jews" even exist is a fabrication, as is their fictional "history" in the "Bible". I put all these things in quotation marks because too many take them as established facts when they are far from such! The problem is that there is a difference between what most people think when they hear "Jews" compared to, say, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus etc. They know perfectly well that the latter terms are devoid of ideas of "race", and are reckoned only in terms of faith and sometimes culture.

This is exactly how we should be thinking of "Jews", but instead we have this introduced notion of "race" or "ethnicity" which underpins the continuing falsehood that there is some connection with the "Jews" or (God preserve us!) "Israelites" of the "Bible". No such connection exists, as many truthful "Jewish" scholars will tell you quite openly. Modern "Jews" are simply a converted cult made up of various proselytized groups, across the Mediterranean coast into Spain, Ethiopia and Yemen, but mostly from the various Turkic peoples who populated the kingdom of Khazaria, which was contemporaneous with Byzantium and the early Arab Muslim expansion.

All these were converts to an abominated version of the Judaic Pharisee cult of Roman-occupied Palestine, the word "Jew" and the term "Judaic" springing from the Roman word Judea as a small eponymous province which encompassed roughly the southern half of the area within the current West Bank borders, according to most accounts. That is to say, the Hebrew cult of Jehovah (one of many) had found a home there during the later Babylonian period and set up a temple, naming themselves after the "biblical Judah", eldest son of "Jacob-Israel".

By the time of the Romans the original beliefs had become refashioned into an unrecognizable form, and the original people and whatever gene-pool there had been were swallowed up into the melting-pot of the Greco-Roman Middle East. The language they spoke was not Hebrew but a mixture of Aramaic, Greek and Latin, and very likely this would have been the language of "Jesus" and his "apostles". This is where the fictional account of a "lost people" arises from, and THIS gained new currency amongst the converted Khazarians when their kingdom collapsed, as they spread out across Eastern Europe from the Baltic to southern coasts of the Black Sea.

The rest has become, in this case, Ashkenazi history...


October 19

Codified "racial purity", a "chosen people", grab for "living space", hateful "othering" of humanity...remind you of anything? 🐍


Olaf Errwigge
The expulsion of Jews from Muslim countries throughout the 20th century? Not to mention of course the Nazi genocide culminating a millenium or so of scapegoating and pogroms?

Matt Morley
The so-called "expulsion of Jews" from Muslim countries was, for the most part, a voluntary migration driven by the reward of jobs, money and land in Palestine, unlike the forced exodus of Palestinians from the very same land! As for the "millenium or so of scapegoating and pogroms", we must begin with the fact that the "Jews" are nothing more than a nation of Turkic religious converts who follow the amoral precepts of a long-expired fanatical Judaic cult, precepts to aid in the struggle to hold power in a small province of the eastern Roman Empire, with whom they have NO genetic or direct historical connection, nor of culture or language. There is NO such thing as a "Semitic people", and therefore NO such thing as "anti-semitism". These are the people of the lie, behind whom the collective West hides its collective guilt for its invention and the atrocities it has produced!

Matt Morley
Besides, either you have missed the obvious point of my post, or clumsily attempted to avoid it by invoking one of the many falsehoods used to justify that which can never be justified!

Olaf Errwigge
Ah, so Jew-hatred is both wholly justified and nonexistent! All those pogroms, including the one last week in Israel itself, aren't real because the victims themselves are lies!

Matt Morley
Hatred between peoples is only hatred, you can't give it special status by adding another name to it. Do you think it more likely that Palestinians hate "Israelis" because they're "Jews", or because they have unjustifiably colonized, terrorized and abused them in the name of a fictitious history, and engineered the theft and destruction of all that was once their nation? Don't try to be clever, there is only one original violation of human rights here, no quid pro quo!

Olaf Errwigge
Their nation? They lived under Ottoman rule and then British. That doesn’t justfiy their displacement, but their claim of a nation is no more valid than that of the Zionists. Jews always lived in Palestine as well. And the Arab Palestinians would have had a nation alongside the Jews in 1948 but wanted more. Then all of Israel’s neighbors attacked the Jewish state in 1948 and again in 1967. They rather blew it.

Matt Morley
Olaf Errwigge You're cherry-picking to avoid getting at the heart of the problem. Of course people of many faiths lived together in Palestine, that was precisely the virtue of being a land that was part of what was essentially an empire that was itself the expression of a fraternal faith. That is NOT the same thing as an organized group of religious thugs in league with arrogant Christian mysticists in a far away place, making deals and drawing up contracts based on nothing but lies!

Olaf Errwigge
One-fourth of the Israeli population is not Jewish.

Barry Schier
Olaf Errwigge. About 3/4 of the Israeli population is Jewish. (About 1/5 of the Israeli population is Arab / Palestinian, whose average income is only about 2/3 of similarly educated / situated Israeli Jewish counterparts, according to Israeli Jewish media, e.g., Jerusalem Post). Moreover, a significant (and growing) percentage of Israeli Jews ({10%)) are Haredim (I e. Orthodox Jews, many who devote full-time (with rabbis comprising a tiny percentage) reading, etc., Jewish texts instead of working for a paycheck and whose female household members usually are homemakers / baby makers in that very sexist subreligion.). Also included in the statistics (thus pulling down the Israeli Jewish "average" figures are Sephardic and North African Jews, near Eastern (especially emigrants from Iran and Arab countries) who are subject to discrimination among Israel Jews. Moreover, during one self-billed protest-march, 30,000 in this country claiming to be non racist and democratic chanted and carried banners against the immigration admission into Israel of Falashim (as Ethiopian / Black Jews call themselves, while Israel's dominant (i.e., of Euroamerican background / ancestry);population calls them "Schwartza,'s" -- Yiddish /Hebrew word with translation / connotion of "darkies".

Olaf Errwigge
Meanwhile in Muslim-majority countries, Jews were expelled.

Matt Morley
Olaf Errwigge Please provide sources for that statement?

Olaf Errwigge
It’s obvious that you know nothing.

Matt Morley
Olaf Errwigge It's obvious you just like saying sh*t without backing it up, it's obvious you're prone to ad hominem attacks whenever someone makes a statement you don't agree with, it's obvious that you're an attention-seeking pathetic little jerk!

Olaf Errwigge
It's not a hidden history. Jewish exodus from the Muslim world - Wikipedia

Medina Cheatle
Olaf Errwigge Educate yourself bro’.


October 22


The word "Semitic" originated as an arbitrary designation for a group of similar languages assumed to have been spoken across the near or middle east in pre-Christian times, i.e. before the influences of Greek, Latin, Turkic and formalized Arabic. While the Bible and the Koran are principally codified fables, exaggerated to compel cohesion against paganism and a destructive, anarchic society, both are based on the supposed Mosaic traditions and the Torah of the "Jewish faith". Through a complex series of actual historical macro-events (which need not be told here), this almost entirely unsupported and tenuous group of writings introduced a number ideas which have been twisted into modern misconstruction. In this case, returning to the word "Semitic", we find that the inventors of the term were engaged in the attempt to identify the ancient figures and peoples of the Christian Bible in terms of modern linguistic "descendants".

They decided to reference the fable of Noah and the "Great Flood" as the starting point, using his sons Shem, Ham and Japheth as the precursors. Hence Shem becomes Semite and Semitic, bound up with false notions of language and ethnicity. Ancient Hebrew, which was an aural language (these were illiterate times, for the greater part of the population!), has NO CONNECTION to modern "Israeli" save that which comes from the scant and far more recent writings of the Christian era. Most material has, at its root, the Greco-Roman "Judaic" culture, and the Pharisaic cult which was the last remnant of that expression. Those who point to the Khazars and Sephardic groups are correct, for all these were proselytised converts, with no genetic, historical, cultural or linguistic lien with the fables they inherited. "Judaism" is a religious cult, not a race or ethnicity!


Olaf Errwigge
A people that don’t exist, yet hated as a people for millennia. You only prove the need for a Jewish state, a refuge from hate like yours.

Matt Morley
Olaf Errwigge Excuse me, but...where is the "hate" in anything I've said?

Olaf Errwigge
Maybe it was your complete denial of Jewish history and identity.

Matt Morley
Olaf Errwigge That comes down to a matter of historical accuracy versus belief! It has nothing to do with irrational ideas of "hate"! You seem to be dedicated to belief in a "Jewish history and identity" while I have my own, qualified opinions about those things. If anything, you have a hatred of the contradiction I and others present to you, since it clearly impacts on your fixed perspective. You defend this to the point of aggression and insult and I strongly suggest you consider the level of your own "hate" before accusing others!

Olaf Errwigge
You're telling Jews what to think about themselves, that their own sense of identity is a lie.

Medina Cheatle
Olaf Errwigge He is just explaining history.
What kind of id*iot are you?

Medina Cheatle
Olaf Errwigge Get a brain bro’.

Medina Cheatle
Olaf Errwigge Zionism is the issue here. It is a political, secular movement. Has nothing to do with true Jews who have lived in peace with Muslims and Christians for hundreds of years.
Get yourself educated!

Olaf Errwigge
Medina Cheatle — Except when those Muslims and Christians have needed a scapegoat. Except when the Arab Palestinians decided they couldn’t tolerate them. That’s history, too. Even so, Jews and Muslims live together in peace in Israel, where about 20% of the population is Muslim.

Medina Cheatle
Olaf Errwigge 10% of Palestinians are Christian, in fact the oldest in the world. If you google who caused the most wars in history it is the Christians, followed by Buddhist with Muslims
way down on the list.
The people causing the trouble are the Zionists who are Khazarian or Ahkenazi Jews.
They are from the area of Turkey and Khazakstan.
This is why they are white.
They have no genetic link to Hebrews.
Historically they converted to Judaism for political reasons.
It is interesting they claim ‘God’ gave them this land when in fact 90% of Israelis are non rabbinical.
Many Israeli rabbis are against the Zionists and are speaking out on social media. One well known one is Rabbi Weis.
Netanyahu is immensely unpopular.
It is interesting that there were huge protests planned in Israel against him. Now he has immense support. Hmm!
There is absolutely no way security failed. Even a fox cannot get through it. Six hours for a soldier to respond.
This is to ‘justify’ genocide.
This was either a False Flag operation or a deliberate stand down.

Olaf Errwigge
Medina Cheatle — Historically, they were persecuted for centuries, even when they were completely integrated. You may well be right about Netanyahu allowing the latest pogrom to occur, but the fact is it did occur.

Medina Cheatle
Olaf Errwigge True Jews were persecuted. However, not Zionists as their movement is around one hundred years old. Zionism is a secular political movement.
These are the trouble makers. Khazarian
Jews were from Turkey and converted to Judaism for political reasons. They have no genetic link to Hebrews. That is why Israelis are white. They claim their ‘God’ gave them the land and yet 95% of them is non rabbinical !
What a joke.
They are the true terrorists!
Rabbi Weis is just one of many rabbis who has spoken out against these thugs, along with Professors Finkelstein and Noam Chomsky, who have both been banned from entering Israel or Gaza by the Israeli government.

Olaf Errwigge
Medina Cheatle — Now do Muslims and Christians.


October 24

Almost without exception, those who attack my posts on "Israel" with the greatest vitriol will end by saying something which alludes to their "history", their "identity" or special status in the world. This is tantamount to saying "because God says so!", no matter which way you break it down.

It is an insult to humanity !


Olaf Errwigge
What is so special about the Arab Palestinians, then? They didn't have a nation before 1947, either.

Helgrit Bruce
Olaf Errwigge the so called israel is on the land whichwas palestina. you confound something

Olaf Errwigge
Yes, it was a region of the Ottoman Empire.

Kirsty Allen
Olaf Errwigge History of Palestine - Wikipedia
The occupiers may change, but the people that remained there are the indigenous people

Olaf Errwigge
Well, Jews, descended from the original Canaanites, had remained there.

Kirsty Allen
Olaf Errwigge and do you see the Jews that remained there championing Zionism? No! Because they are Palestinian!

Matthew Fox
The land was populated with people who were olive and darker complected. Europeans were placed there. walk through tel aviv and you will see blonde hair and blue eyes everywhere.
how did that Happen in under 100 years time?

Olaf Errwigge
Matthew Fox — Maybe pogroms and persecutions and expulsions contributed.

Matthew Fox
enough to become 86% of the population?
that's a Lotta blue eyed, pale complected people being persecuted

Olaf Errwigge
Well, yes.

Catherine Atchison
Olaf Errwigge yes they did. Which is why Israelis are cutting down their olive trees, because it proves they've been there for generations

Catherine Atchison
Olaf Errwigge Ashkenazi jews are European and their dna can be traced to 4 maternal dna lines- all from ukraine/Poland region

Olaf Errwigge
Catherine Atchison — And the other Palestinians?


Matt Morley
Welcome Olaf everybody, one of my biggest fans! As you can tell, he comes from the "because God says so" side of the argument, and he'd like to know what is so special about the Arab Palestinians. Let's start with the fact that they've never demanded something which wasn't already theirs to begin with, and never needed to think of themselves as a nation until the British and the Zionists had already hoodwinked them out of the greater part of their national heritage! Anyone else like to chat with Olaf?

Lynn Faulkner
Matt Morley It's a waste of time to have a meaningful conversation with anyone whose mind is closed.

Rhonda Even Weber
Olaf Errwigge What are you a jew?

Matt Morley
Ouf! It's always a good idea to put such words in quote marks! Helps fool the algos and posits the terminology as arguable from an existential point of view. This allows debates such as "how can there be such a thing as "antisemitism" when there is no such thing as a "Semitic race"...", for example!

Olaf Errwigge
Lynn Faulkner — You can say that again!


November 22

There is no "Jewish race"!

Even if we accept that "Jews" have an "identity", it is simply wrong to suggest that this should give inalienable rights over another's property and heritage based upon invention. The only correct way to describe what is essentially an adherent of just another mythocentric cult is not "Jew" or even "Jewish". The word we should use is Judaist, which I do not place between speech marks since this is the proper parallel to the terms Christian or Muslim.

There are no "histories" that hold up to scrutiny, nor is there any meaningful connection between modern "Jewish" people and whatever comprises the fables told about ancient kingdoms and personalities. In short, you cannot hold both the myths and the secular reality of "Jewish" expression to be true, and this is the very sophistry which Zionism has delivered, to our chagrin!

You will note the direction in which this leads us: to remove the power wielded by those who use "antisemitism" as a blunt instrument to defend the Zionist cause, it is necessary to tell the whole truth. There are no "Jews", no "Semites", no "chosen people", there is no "Israel", no "Judah and Samaria", no "right to exist" and no "Yahweh"! To reiterate, there is NO "Jewish race"!

There is nothing but a dangerous, conflated fiction constructed out of whole cloth by a Pharisaic cabal sequestered in Greco-Roman Judea, a part of an empirical province long known as Palestine. And, of course, there is no such thing as "antisemitism", so when we say "from the river to the sea", we mean the reinstatement of a land for people of all faiths without Zionist overlords and modern-day Pharisees!


Olaf Errwigge
Then there are no "Palestinians" either.

Matt Morley
Olaf Errwigge That is a different discussion, and is not relevant here!

Olaf Errwigge
But the argument against Jewish identity is being made on behalf of those Palestinians. Why bother, if both are fictions?


December 9

Reality check:

NO-ONE is "born Jewish", just as no-one can be "born" Christian or Muslim. So let's talk about Zionism...again!


Olaf Errwigge
Well, actually one is. It is not a matter of religion.

Matt Morley
Olaf Errwigge It is entirely a matter of religion, and the cult behaviour instilled by the Talmudist tradition from birth. You have been taught to think of yourself as a "separate people", and to behave in a manner which is hateful towards the rest of humanity, as well as insulting the intellect by pretending this is a question of race. This is so close to Aryanism it's unfunny, and most of the world has no tolerance for it anymore. Every time you claim to be a "chosen race", every time you invoke the angry God of a twisted, fabulist history with which you have NO connection, you are simply pissing people off, mightily!

Olaf Errwigge
Nobody asks whether you're "religious" during a pogrom. As you so clearly express it, the caricature is that every Jew, including those pretending not to be – by changing their name and converting to the preferred religion, even joining the anti-Jew mob – is a threat and needs to be purged. You even throw in those who question your assumptions and reasoning.

Alfred Cassis
Olaf Errwigge no olga it is not, it's a mater of who's in charge imposing an attitude

Matt Morley
Olaf Errwigge How long is it going to take to get through to you? Your ingrained habit of throwing up the "antisemitism" argument at every turn simply does not have any credibility to it, and never did! As long as you insist on conflating your cult religion (Judaism) with an entitled racial characteristic (linguistic semitism) people will feel insulted when debating you. This means YOU are responsible for the impression YOU create in the minds of "others", especially since that "othering" (using words like "goy"') is the STARTING POINT of every argument you make. If we were dealing with just another weird religion that held no implied threat we would merely have debates about the nature of God, and how ridiculous it is to insist that yours is superior to anothers. Perhaps we might have to invent the word "Judaophobia" for antipathy towards the cult, and as with "Islamophobia" remember that we are talking about a faith which informs a culture that is universal and multicultural (like Christianity). But the way you're going right now you are inviting hatefulness by CREATING IT FIRST!

Olaf Errwigge
Matt Morley — That's rather the defining characteristic of bigotry: blaming the victim for your hatred of them. How can you seriously deny that Jews have been hated for centuries? And when did I ever use the word "goy"? I'm not the one "othering". I'm not the one justifying historic bigotry with paranoid fantasies.


Dale Dickinson
Here is the reality Mat, your prejudicial hatred aside, one can be born a Jew and never actually follow Judaism. It's an odd bit of nomenclature can mean a both a people and a religion.

Matt Morley
That belief is PRECISELY what is wrong, and saying so does NOT constitute "prejudicial hatred", merely disdain of sophistry and assumed privilege. It's not about people, it's about what they do to others without conscience, something which comes under a different kind of "nomenclature" eg. "war crimes"! Tell me, and everyone else for that matter, is it Arabs you despise, Muslims in general, or both? Your expressions of "prejudicial hatred" have been quite clear at times, especially when you reference your operational experience in the field!


December 14

Steve Dench
December 6

Dr. Areilla Oppenheim at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, did the first extensive DNA study in 2001 of Israelis & Palestinians, and concluded that the emigrants on ships to Palestine before it became Israel were of Mongol 40% & Turkish 40% genome. There was no Semetic blood associated to the original Hebrews from the Middle East of 4,000 years ago in Jerusalem or Biblical territory.

This was confirmed by another DNA project by Dr. Eran Elhaik at the McKusick-Namans Institute of Genetic Medicine at the John Hopkins University of School of Medicine in 2012. His conclusions were the same!

The Askenanzi did not ever migrate out of the Middle East!

At the same time extensive DNA evidence found the Palestinians to be 80% more or less, Semitic blood in their ancestors who were found therefore to be the real Israelites.

The white Jews whose ancestors embarked on ships in 1882 to Palestine before it was named Israel aren't Israelites. These White Eastern European descendants of German, Russian, Polish, Austrian, Georgian, etc., are impostors claiming to be Gods Chosen Ones, but are descendants of the old Khazars from the Khazarian Caucus, & they have been denying this scientific evidence as they have made up myths of their own histories, which already many Americans believe throughout one whole century, i.e. Scofield Bible.

The real history of the new established "Israel in 1947" is no secret today!


Olaf Errwigge
So what? "White" people aren't allowed in the Middle East? But the fact is, there are many genetic studies showing that Arab Palestinians and Jews are more closely related to each other than to any other groups.

Matt Morley
Olaf Errwigge There ARE NO "JEWS", only Judaists, a religious cult no different to Christianity, Islam, Buddhism...or Mormonism for that matter. There IS NO "JEWISH RACE", not even a distinct ethnicity. The history is bunkum, the "language" an invention, and the tenuous genetic links are due to intermarriage more than anything else. No-one is listening to your lies any more! And if you think you can twist ANY of that into some rant about "antisemitism", I tell you that doesn't exist either. We can, and we WILL IGNORE YOU, and continue to insist on restoring Palestine to those who were robbed of it!

Olaf Errwigge
Then what were all those pogroms about?

Matt Morley
Ignorance, division, conquest...and "The invention of the Jewish People", to become an un-lanced boil on arse of humanity, driving everyone mad to this day!

Olaf Errwigge
I suppose you think the Nazi murder of some 6 million Jews was another self-serving tall tale?

Matt Morley
I believe the true story is tragic enough, not just for the "Jewish" victims, and if 6 million is the accepted round number (I don't accept), then about a quarter were shot and buried in Ukraine (that I DO accept) along with a significant number of others in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Roumania, Ruthenia, Moldova, Hungary and Bulgaria. I also believe that the Zionists worked hand in hand with the Nazis to decide who would and who would not be allowed to leave Germany, a plan which involved influence and large sums of money, and promises of oil from the Middle East and the Caucasus when Nazi Germany took on the Soviets. And I believe that, yes, since the end of the war the truth has been buried under the Zionist obfuscation that is the "self-serving tall tale" of the "Shoah", and all the policies they continue to push for to prevent open and honest debate!

Olaf Errwigge
And you accuse Jews of making things up. Good reminder, though, that Jew-hatred was (and obviously is) widespread, that the Nazis had (and would still have) a continent full of willing executioners.

Matt Morley
Olaf Errwigge Nothing stated above is "made up", it speaks very directly to the historical facts regarding the deaths of around 2 million "Jewish" people at the hands of actual Nazis in those countries! Moreover, none of those people would ever have thought of themselves as being "Jewish" first and, say, "Ukrainian" second if no-one had attacked them for their faith alone! Don't you get it?

Olaf Errwigge
Matt Morley — That's exactly my point. No matter how integrated or secular you may be, society will always define you as a Jew. And when it needs a scapegoat, you're it. That's not a myth created by Jews, but historical reality driven by myths like yours.

Matt Morley
Olaf Errwigge That IS the point indeed, and it is caused by ignoramuses, right-wing rabbis, Zionists and the "Jewish" media, all of whom continually rehash the false history of "Jewish" continuity and superiority, all bound up in the perpetual pseudo-tragedy of a "lost people", abused wherever they go for being who they are NOT! The whole damn thing is a fraud!

Olaf Errwigge
You see? You're scapegoating: The Jews deserve what they get, because they insist on reminding people how they've been persecuted for centuries. Or just insist on being Jews. Or are simply seen as Jews because their history hasn't been completely erased. Most of all for you, probably, they reject your pseudohistories as laughable on their face, which sense of identity you point to as an air of superiority. I think I asked earlier if you apply the same contempt for a group's self-identity to others, particularly for example the Arab Palestinians? Because if "the whole damn thing is a fraud", then it is indeed "the whole damn thing". Until you need a scapegoat to be able to live with yourself.


January 8 (2024)

The next time somebody accuses you of "antisemitism" or "sympathy for terrorists" in regard to your support for Gaza and the Palestinian people, just say this:

"It is the Judaist-Talmudic cult and its modern expression in the century and a half old Zionist movement that is responsible for all of this. "Israel" is a dangerous fiction which needs to be quashed, and the land claimed for the "Jews" returned forthwith to the Palestinian people and their descendants. This is simple historical justice, a perspective which even a great many "Jewish" people agree with.

What do you have to say to them?"

Olaf Errwigge
He sez, proving himself to be a proterrorist antisemite.

Matt Morley
Olaf Errwigge Since that is the only perspective you have, you are a pathological supporter of actual state terrorism, ethnic cleansing and mass murder. I do NOT support Hamas, and have never said anything that could be interpreted as such. As for "antisemitism", that is a meaningless concept which has been discussed before, and your cynical use of that falsehood underscores your own uninformed bigotry. You have no originality and no opinion worthy of engagement. GFY!


Note: Matt’s denial of Jewish ties to Palestine echos a recent speech by Bashar al-Assad, the President of Syria, as reported here and with comment here.

November 30, 2023

Resolution reaffirming the State of Israel’s right to exist

Whereas the Jewish people are native to the Land of Israel;

Whereas throughout history and across the reign of multiple kingdoms, the Jewish people were persecuted and expelled from the Land of Israel, forced to live as minority diaspora communities in other lands;

Whereas Jewish diaspora communities were historically violently persecuted in, and in some cases expelled from, other countries throughout the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia due to their religion;

Whereas the Nazis attempted to annihilate the entire Jewish population of Europe during the Holocaust, murdering 6,000,000 Jews during this time;

Whereas this genocide provided new urgency to re-establish a Jewish homeland for the Jewish people following the Holocaust, where they would not be a vulnerable minority, where they could freely practice their faith, and where something like the Holocaust could never happen again;

Whereas the modern State of Israel was established on May 14, 1948;

Whereas even after the establishment of the State of Israel, other countries and terrorist entities continued to attack Israel, reject its right to exist, and call for its destruction; and

Whereas Israel is the only Jewish State, and therefore, despite persistent external threats, the existence of Israel provides Jews a place to live free from persecution and discrimination: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the House of Representatives—

(1) reaffirms the State of Israel’s right to exist;

(2) recognizes that denying Israel’s right to exist is a form of antisemitism;

(3) rejects calls for Israel’s destruction and the elimination of the only Jewish State; and

(4) condemns the Hamas-led terrorist attack on Israel.


October 28, 2023

A Brief History of Palestine Since World War I

The lands currently known as Palestine/Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon were regions of the Ottoman empire for some 400 years.

The Ottoman empire ended with, along with internal challenges, its defeat in World War I. France took control of Syria & Lebanon (as a single entity), and Britain of Mesopotamia (Iraq) and Palestine (as separate entities) (Treaty of Sèvres, 1920). Palestine was intended for “the establishment ... of a national home for the Jewish people, ... it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine” (Balfour Declaration, 1917).

Jordan (Transjordan) was established as independent from Iraq, and Lebanon as independent from Syria, all of these countries recognized as increasingly independent through the 1920s and ’30s until the final withdrawal of France and Britain after World War II.

The League of Nations mandate for Palestine (1920) was superseded by the United Nations partition plan (1947) for two independent states, Jewish and Arab. Civil war between Jewish and Arab communities ensued. When the British Mandate expired in 1948, the Jewish state of Israel was declared, and the recently formed (1945) League of Arab States, including Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, and Syria, as well as Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen, invaded, resulting in an expansion of Israel (recognized internationally as the 1949 “Green Line” and later the “pre-1967” border) and occupation of the remaining areas meant for an Arab state by Jordan (West Bank) and Egypt (Gaza).

Arab militants continued raids through the 1950s and ’60s, with corresponding responses by Israel.

In 1956, Israel joined Britain and France to attack Egypt in their attempt (which failed) to regain control of the Suez Canal after its nationalization by Egypt. While in Gaza, Israel killed hundreds of Arab militants (or just young men) in Khan Younis and Rafah.

In 1967, Egypt closed the Straits of Tiran (the entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba from the Red Sea) to Israeli shipping, and Israel attacked Egypt (the “Six-Day War”). Jordan and Syria joined with attacks on Israel. Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria, the West Bank from Jordan, and the Sinai Peninsula and Gaza from Egypt. The Arab League reiterated its policy of no recognition of and no peace or negotiations with Israel.

In 1973 (the “Yom Kippur War”), Egypt attempted to retake the Sinai Peninsula and Syria the Golan Heights. The rest of the Arab League helped them, as did the Soviet Union. Israel pushed them back, but eventually both Israel and Egypt decided to make peace. Israel withdrew back to roughly the Golan Heights as before. With the 1978 Camp David Accords, Israel ceded the Sinai Peninsula and Egypt recognized Israel. Israel annexed the Golan Heights in 1981.

In 2005, Israel removed Jewish settlers and withdrew from the Gaza Strip.

In 2006, the Hamas movement became the elected government for the Arab Palestinians and in 2007 expelled the rival Fatah movement from Gaza. Israel and Egypt put Gaza under blockade. In 2014, Hamas launched attacks on Israel and Israelis, and Israel attacked Gaza to destroy Hamas’s military infrastructure and operations.

Hamas, as well as the Hezbollah movement in Lebanon, continued rocket attacks and incursions against Israel and Israelis.

In 2023, Hamas attacked Israel with thousands of rockets and an invasion by some 2,500 fighters, killing more than 1,400 people and taking more than 200 hostages.

October 12, 2023

Forgotten, but not yet gone

Forgotten, but not yet gone.

Progress is the insult done by each generation on the previous one.

(The first line is from Our Like WIll Not Be There Again: Notes from the West of Ireland by Lawrence Millman (1975). The second line paraphrases a line from The Trouble With Being Born by Emil Cioran (1973) that was used as an epigram to one of Millman’s chapters.)

“The Blasket people call their departure from their island “the vanishing.” … In a sense, they are living beyond their own disappearance.’