August 20, 2020

Race war and anti-worker globalism

K.L. writes—

Aug. 21, 2020:

Message from singer Billie Eilish delivered as part of the DNC convention the other night: “Donald Trump is destroying our country and everything we care about.”

Eilish’s remark is classic Democrat messaging. It ignores, writes off, silences, the voices of those who support Donald Trump—which from the get-go and on down to today happens to include a big chunk of ordinary American working class people of all colors who realized in 2016 they’d been shafted for decades by duplicitous, harmful Democrat policies, and had a rare chance to signal, by voting, their distress.

But this Eilish messaging is a perfect fit for the DNC, because, in reality, for all their talk of equality, the Democrats (and most under the banner of ‘progressivism’ and ‘leftism’ these days) absolutely do not “care about” the American working class. At all. In fact much worse than that: they are out to destroy it and replace this class with neofeudal serfs. (Joel Kotkin does a great job of explaining and predicting that this is what the neoliberal New World Order is out to accomplish.)

Yes, Democrats notably and enthusiastically participated in creating decades of American blue-collar jobs loss—under Bill Clinton and Barack Obama in particular. And as and after they created those losses, they laughed it off. They also added insult to injury about it, claiming the people hurt by their destructive policies didn’t count, were not an important constituency, were relics of the past, and were deplorable anyway.

Democrats (and ‘radical leftists’ too) typically take their brazen attitudes to the point of mocking working-class people of color who support Trump’s job-creating policies. This has been out in the open more or less for decades, but Trump was a flash point that really brought out into the open the ugly attitudes of liberal Democrats toward lower-class Americans in general.

The claim is oft-heard among all levels of Democrats and liberals that if people of color support Trump in any way, for any reason, they don’t count either. In fact, despite being people of color, ‘they ain’t black,’ but really closet white supremacists. Or at the least, mentally ill (which is how they condescendingly write off Kanye West). Talk about racist language. Democrats and most leftists these days have shown themselves to be the biggest, if sneakiest most duplicitous, racists on the planet, plus the biggest haters of the working class and proles generally.

The gall. Absolutely infuriating.

Like it or not, Trump is all that stands between us and these vile, sick, very confused and sometimes very evil puppies. Despite it all, at least pre-Covid, Trump did achieve good things on behalf of domestic working class interests (if of course for many corporate interests too with tax cuts to encourage re-domesticating) when he quashed the TPP, reworked trade deals, and started opportunity zones in underserved areas.

In contrast, Democratic authorities have in their time of leadership openly and wantonly destroyed communities, kept broken communities broken, taken away jobs, and tried to coercively keep people on poor liberal plantations. Now ramping it up, they have been encouraging bored liberal-arts educated kids (both black and white, but mostly white) to riot and destroy in the major cities, often hurting poor black neighborhoods. They are also beating and killing innocent proles who get too close—dragging them out of their vehicles for rough ‘justice.’ No due process needed when you just eyeball a white person or black Trump supporter and declare they are a racist. All ‘racists’ should be beaten and murdered after all.

And Democrats have the gall to say Trump is divisive and destroying the country!

The utterly depraved projections in the DNC messaging is mind-boggling.

But they have big globalized fish to fry and marching orders to get people in line for the Global Reset. So they’re gonna lie and divide, and hold out crumbs to the idpol careerists, whatever it takes, to take down the impediment they perceive in Trump, and most importantly, the ‘hordes’ of little no-account Trump supporters they perceive as being in the way of their Brave New World.

Aug. 18, 2020, on Dem endorsement of violence in the streets:

Democrats really are fine with fomenting race war, so long as it mostly targets the hapless proles (both black and white) who are already the designated losers in neoliberal globalism. Both of which (working class losers and neoliberalism) the Democratic Party have enthusiastically and increasingly helped to create in their dream of a fully technocratic world run by the ‘deserving educated’ professionals and managers like themselves. (They’d really prefer to sweep aside or eliminate anyone not like them. Maybe they’ll keep a few proles around as a novelty or for menial tasks in their brave new robot-run world. Well, the joke’s on them since this new world will eliminate a lot of their professional jobs too.)

Race war as cover for class war, same as it ever was, just under newer, slyer virtue-signaling liberal Democrat management, doing the dirty work for the one-percenter globalist-control vision. Work carried out by usefully tribal idiots and pawns, smug in their delusions of superior importance compared to the deplorables.

To the special class of anti-Trumpers who pretend your outsized Trump hatred is because you believe Trump ‘bamboozled’ the working class and has done (and will do) nothing for them. Ha. What a bunch of reality-challenged jokers you are. You don’t give a fig for the working class or you’d see what Trump has accomplished while under tremendous nonstop onslaughts from viciously lying obstructive Democrats and the deep state. And you’d really hate instead the Democrat class-based betrayals. You’d fight against them with the fervent hate you reserve for Trump. But no, you don’t care enough about the working class to look at reality. Instead, you stay ensconced in comfortable virtue-stroking echo chambers and talking points. You cocoon inside lame outworn liberal ‘virtuous’ categories that mean worse than nothing now, as they’ve been hijacked to justify punishing and taking out the deplorable undeserving little people in favor of vile careerist idpol ladder-climbers.

Trump’s quashing of the planned job-busting TPP was huge, worth the price of admission alone. His busting up of NAFTA and his reworked trade deals are huge too. Ask the people in rust-belt Pennsylvania, who were thrilled when Trump brought back industry to their region. (Despite Obama’s callous assurance those jobs would never come back.). Ask the blacks in Trump’s opportunity zones who were positively impressed not only with increased job opportunities but also with Trump’s First Step Act which released several black first time nonviolent offenders. This explains why pre-Covid, Emerson polling found Trump’s approval rating among blacks rose from 10% to 40%, which is significant.

Too bad the Democrats have turned so ugly and evil that one of their main desperate strategies at this time is to prolong shutdowns in hopes they can continue to pin Covid economic fallout on Trump, even as they project their own dark cynicisms, failures, sins, and betrayals of the people onto him.

Aug. 19, 2020, on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seconding the nomination of Bernie Sanders for the Dem candidate for President:

Wild. Pretty little speech. It sounds nice.

But to believe it, you have to ignore the grand delusions, huge lies, vicious incivility, and, above all, the destructive ANTI-WORKER GLOBALISM that she, Sanders, and the rest of the DNC have helped stoke and foment for the past four years. And the destructive roots for that go back even far longer, most notably to when Bill Clinton initiated disastrous trade deals that gutted and laid waste to many once-proud American working communities.

The actions of the DNC and its agents have long been long on pretty words to gloss over the way they’ve robbed, demoralized, and betrayed the heart of the ordinary American working class (and used the ill-gotten gains to further line the pockets of the already wealthy and powerful).

Actions should speak louder than words.

No justice no peace, as is said. We must fight and resist the Democrat hate and divisive tactics used against ordinary working (or once working) Americans.

O.E. writes—

They call themselves the left, but they are the forces of reaction against actual progress. They are against the people. And what they promote for themselves are not actual rights but willing self-debasement.

O.E. writes—

Race war is imperial globalism’s most reliable weapon.

August 19, 2020

Fear and Loathing

There are two kinds of totalitarianism: that modeled by Orwell’s 1984, and that model by Huxley’s Brave New World. Each of them justifies itself as bulwark against the other, against (to oversimply) decadence on one hand and deprivation on the other. The consumerism of the West (decadence!) has indeed ushered us in the direction of a Huxleyan technocracy, but it seems to have taken a diabolic turn with the exploitation of victimhood as a supreme marker of social worth.

Victimhood is thus eagerly embraced as a means of removing anyone who stands in the way of one’s advancing in an institution (academia, business, politics). But it also condemns one to continued victimhood: The Huxleyan machine offers protection, salvation, validation, just sign over your privacy and freedom, both physical and of thought.

And that’s how MeToo, BLM, and Covid lockdown/mask/vaccine mania intersect with globalist neoliberalism and imperial neoconservatism. We’re just demographics in their ad and PR campaigns, their nonsensical consultancies.

Classic advertising plays to status anxiety – that you’re losing out, but you can buy in – and political advertising often plays to outright fear – that you’re losing out owing to the actions of others. With Brexit, Trump, and other successful uprisings against globalism, the ruling elites and their courtiers have panicked. Their fear of losing some of their power, their sense of superiority, has been transferred to a campaign of public fear-mongering that has continued to intensify over the years, especially as Trump’s reelection and the actual implementation of Brexit loom.

In addition to redirecting their own fear to social issues, they have engaged in a campaign of hate, transferring their own status fears to smearing the supporters of Brexit and Trump and anyone who questions the neolib/neocon program of the past four decades, to blaming and mocking the victims of globalism for being at all angry about their privilege (their one-time sense of economic security). And so, lest they be aligned with the losers, so many people align with their victimizers, cheering on their own debasement.

It has succeeded in its goal of making people increasingly more hysterical, irrational, filled with rage and fear. All of us dying in 10 years because of climate change wasn’t enough: now we’re all going to die if you don’t wear a mask! (and even then, stay at least 2 meters away!) Above all, Trump wants you to die! And everyone who does not denounce Trump is your mortal enemy, an agent of sexist and racist hate and genocide.

They have pathologized social interaction and economic life. They have revived racism as a driving force of unrest. They have made a mockery of true grievance and injustice. They have debased politics as well as themselves.

And they will take us all down with them. They have made us hate and fear not only each other, but ourselves as well.

August 17, 2020

How to set up htaccess to use a parked domain as itself

The problem: You pay for hosting of one domain but you would also like to serve other domains that you have parked there, their files being in subdirectories of the account domain.

The solution: I can only vouch for my experience with Apache, where what is working for me is:

1. In the htaccess file of your account domain:

    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^.*parkeddomain\.com
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /parkeddomain/$1 [L]

2. In the htaccess file of your parked domain:

    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^.*parkeddomain\.com
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} \/parkeddomain\/
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]

Brief explanation: The first instruction rewrites the requests for your parked domain to the appropriate subdirectory. That would appear to be enough, but the files in that subdirectory can also be loaded by the account domain and any other parked domain if the path is designated, i.e., and So the second instruction prevents this by redirecting the requests for the subdirectory back to the parked domain if they are for any other domain.

Note: Any subdirectory of the parked domain that has the same name as a subdirectory of the account domain, such as “image”, must also have an htaccess file with the directive “RewriteEngine on”. And remember while testing to use your browser’s developer tools to disable caching.

August 15, 2020

I dTír Strainséartha le Liam Mac Cóil

Tar éis seachtain ar muir idir Gallaimh is Briostó, caitheann Lúcás trí lá (dhá oíche) i Sasana, ag déanamh trí éalu drámatúil, dhá cheann acu leis an gcuidiú cailín. Tagann Lúcás póg ar leiceann an chéad cheann, agus tagann an dara cailín póg ar leiceann Lúcáis.

Nuair a baineann Lúcás Briostó amach, foghlaimíonn sé go bhfuil “pursuiveant” ann sa tóir air. Agus ansin, tá sé soiléir go bhfuil an tSionnach ann freisin, duine ó thuaisceart na hÉireann a tugadh rabhadh do Lúcas faoi.

Tá go leor eachtraí ar siúl, ar ndóigh, agus polaitíocht, agus iomad daoine suimiúla, ach tá diamhair ann chomh maith, níos mó is níos mó mar théann Lúcás níos faide isteach an tír.

[Bhí an leabhar foilsithe ag Leabhar Breac]
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