February 12, 2010

Adam and the Queen of Eden


by Eric Rosenbloom
copyright 2010

One day while strolling to take the air,
Sir Adam spied a garden fair
        Its keeper called
        He was enthralled
With Eve at home atearing her hair.

He entered on her invitation
Flattered by her fine flirtation
        And there he stayed
        With the merry maid
His life now and ever a boon vacation.

But dragons keep from him a tree
Where golden fruit would often be
        Athought of gifts
        His sword he lifts
And gathers food, Lilith to see.

But Lilith the maid is not to be found,
Her garden is withered to the ground
        The fruit of his shame
        He brings the same
To Eve — who with Cain has moved to town.