June 15, 2007

Wind industry lies about bird kills

"125 birds and 326 bats killed by 195 turbines in 2006" (Renewable Access News and AWEA spokesman Thomas O. Gray)

As if their true colors weren't already revealed in their opposition to federal review to protect wildlife, this shameless misreporting of the first-year study of bird and bat deaths at the "Maple Ridge" facility on Tug Hill in Lewis County, N.Y., shows them off brilliantly.

Pages 41 and 42 of the report clearly present the adjusted totals (accounting for scavenger removal, search efficiency, and proportion of towers searched) for 120 (not 195) turbines during the 5-month (not 12-month) study as 372 to 1,151 birds and 1,824 to 2,943 bats.

Ten tower sites were searched every day, 10 sites were searched every 3 days, and 30 sites were searched every 7 days. "Incidental" (unscheduled) finds were ignored.

Finally, the researchers (agents of Curry & Kerlinger, the industry's favorite bird surveyors) clearly used a methodology meant to provide the lowest plausible figures; the scientifically established Winkelman and Everaert formulas are not mentioned and would likely have revealed much higher numbers.

Even the Curry & Kerlinger numbers extrapolated to 195 turbines over an entire year mean that the Tug Hill facility is killing at least 1,451 to 4,489 birds and 7,114 to 11,478 bats annually.

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