February 22, 2020

Our democratic system is under attack

Tucker Carlson Tonight, Feb. 21, 2020:

«Our democratic system is in fact under attack. That much is true. But it’s not the Russians who are attacking, it’s not even the Chinese – it’s being attacked by our own ruling class. They’re undermining democracy because they have no choice. If they left it up to voters to decide where to go next, they’d be out of a job tomorrow, because they’ve been terrible stewards of this country – some of them would be in jail. So they’ve got to subvert our system. Their livelihoods depend on it.»

«Trump, Bernie Sanders – the two people who pose at least a credible threat to the way things are – are being tarred by the so-called intel community with Russia collusion.»

«As America’s failing establishment loses its grip on power, They aren’t simply pushing conspiracy theories – though they are – they’re also trying to clamp down on your ability to say what you think is true.»

«Why is the media for censorship? Because they’ve lost control of the story line. They’re no longer the gatekeepers. They’re challenged by the internet, which is hard to corral and control, and so they want to clamp down on it so that they can regain their cartel, monopoly, over information.»

«Economically stratified countries are unstable countries. But recently, there have signs of hope. Wages for low-skilled are growing at the fastest rate in memory right now, nearly 5% a year. For those at the very bottom of the labor pool, those without high school diplomas, wages went up a full 10% last year. This is something that all of us can celebrate. It makes America stronger and less prone to the kind of radicalism we’re now seeing on the horizon. Why are things suddenly getting better? It’s simple. We’re enjoying a tight labor market right now. Immigration to our country is down, employment is up: That means there are fewer available workers. Therefore, employers must pay higher wages to those workers. It’s called supply and demand, the most basic principle in economics. It’s also the healthiest and most efficient way to share the wealth.»

«Nor does our official employment rate tell an accurate story about our labor market. As of tonight, for example, there are 40 million American men over the age of 16 who are out of work. Two-and-a-half million of them say they want a job but can’t find one. More than 7 million of them have left the labor force despite being in their prime working years, 25 to 54. Some of them are just discouraged, others are addicte – to drugs, to video games, or to welfare checks posing as disability payments. Now you can judge these people if you want, but keep in mind they’re our fellow Americans. They built this country, literally. We have an obligation to do everything in our power to help them flourish. But our ruling class, which has betrayed them, would rather pretend that they didn’t exist. These people are dying in huge numbers, no one in Washington cares, least of all Mick Mulvaney. He’d rather replace our American working class with grateful foreigners who will work for less. That way, wages stay low and profits stay high. Donors are happy again.»