August 10, 2011

Nope, no government programs for me

Percentages of government social program beneficiaries who report that they “have not used a government social program”:

529 or Coverdell:  64.3%
Home Mortgage Interest Deduction:  60.0%
Hope or Lifetime Learning Tax Credit:  59.6%
Student Loans:  53.3%
Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit:  51.7%
Earned Income Tax Credit:  47.1%
Social Security—Retirement & Survivors:  44.1%
Pell Grants:  43.1%
Unemployment Insurance:  43.0%
Veterans Benefits (other than GI Bill):  41.7%
GI Bill:  40.3%
Medicare:  39.8%
Head Start:  37.2%
Social Security Disability:  28.7%
SSI—Supplemental Security Income:  28.2%
Medicaid:  27.8%
Welfare/Public Assistance:  27.4%
Government Subsidized Housing:  27.4%
Food Stamps:  25.4%

Source: Social and Governmental Issues and Participation Study, 2008. Survey conducted by Survey Research Institute, Cornell University. Principal Investigator, Suzanne Mettler.