May 25, 2007

Bernie and the snowmobilers

As Vermont Public Radio reported this morning, "Independent" Bernie Sanders and the U.S. Senate Environmental Committee is looking into the impact of global warming on skiing and snowmobiling in Vermont.

What they did not look into is the impact of skiing and snowmobiling on global warming.

One snowmobile, for example, spews as much greenhouse gases in a few hours as an average automobile does over 100,000 miles.

Sanders said (predictably) that "global warming is the challenge of the time" and that if it's not addressed quickly, future generations will not have the same outside beauty to enjoy [as if that's possible with snowmobiles around].

If that's the case, then the demise of recreational snowmobiling can only be helpful. Snowmobilers are not the victims of global warming. They are part of the cause.

environment, environmentalism, Vermont, anarchism