June 12, 2006

No benefits from wind power

To the editor, Village Soup Citizen (Waldo County, Me.):

The Citizen Editorial Board of Freedom is mistaken in describing wind power as inexpensive ("The power of Freedom," guest column, June 12). Taxpayers pay about two-thirds of the $1.5-2 million it costs per installed megawatt. Ratepayers pay for the additional transmission infrastructure necessary as well as the consequences of integrating such an intermittent and variable source.

They are also mistaken in touting the "environmental and energy security advantages." Each installed megawatt generates at an average of only 250-300 kilowatts, and it does so at or above that rate only a third of the time. Its minute-to-minute variability means that all other power sources must be kept going to balance the wind-generated power.

Thus there are no significant energy or environmental benefits.

With no real benefits to speak of, the substantial negative impacts of the giant machines are therefore inexcusable.

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