August 2, 2005

Wind turbine noise is a problem

A couple of news items pertaining to noise. From the Manawatu (N.Z.) Standard, "Meridian pays family to move" (August 2, 2005):
Meridian Energy has paid an undisclosed sum of money to shift a family from their farm where Te Apiti's wind turbines are located, because noise and vibration made it too difficult to live in their house. ...

eridian has also made a confidential deal with the other farm owners affected. [Company spokesman Alan] Seay said he understands this has involved building alterations, such as double-glazing windows to reduce noise. ...

Last November, Ashhurst resident Colin Mahy complained that sun reflection flickering into his house from the Te Apiti turbines was "driving him mad". Meridian had told him to draw his curtains.
And from the Times-Tribune of Scranton, Pa., "WInds of change aren't problem" (August 2, 2005):
... A hum, like a plane warming on an airport tarmac, falls across the fields of the township as the 43 windmills near Waymart turn -- some lazily, others at a faster pace.

It won't stay this quiet, said Gary Bates, who lives at the base of the ridge about 200 feet below the windmills. The wind shifts and comes down from Moosic Mountain each night at about 8:30. The hum becomes a louder whir that reverberates through the house he shares with his wife, Debbie. The land has been in her family since her great-grandparents.

The wind changes slightly as Mr. Bates speaks, and the hum grows louder. It sounds like a plane flying above the blanket of clouds, but the engine noise never dims.
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