January 13, 2005

Rejection of fruitless industrialization

"A huge 87 per cent of responses to the Assembly's controversial Tan 8 policy are opposed to wind farms. It is the largest response to a planning consultation in Wales in living memory. More than 1,700 responses gave the thumbs down to plans to increase the volume of wind power supplied in Wales." (South Wales Evening Post, Jan. 12)
TAN8 stands for Technical Advice Note 8 on Renewable Energy. Wales already hosts one third of the wind turbines installed in the U.K., including those at Cefn Croes, where the appalling destruction is well documented at www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~hills/cc.

Similarly, in Scotland, as of Dec. 29 (Stornoway Gazette) the Scottish Executive had received more than 2,000 objections to plans for the largest wind facility in the world on the western island of Lewis, a wild and magical place. The 45-square-mile project of up to 300 of the largest aerogenerators available will completely encircle protected wilderness areas on the island.

Keep in mind that on the grid, these machines don't work. No sacrifice should be tolerated, because they do not provide any benefit.

See www.kirbymountain.com/rosenlake/wind/windsurvey.html for more about public opinion.