August 9, 2004

Photos of Cefn Croes, Wales

The Cefn Croes Action Group in Wales has a collection of photos documenting the extensive damage done by the construction of a wind "farm." The planned facility will comprise 39 100-meter-high 1.5-MW turbine towers (the same size as proposed throughout Vermont). Click the title of this post for the complete gallery. Here are some examples.

Upgrading the roads . . .

before:    after:

before:    after:

before:    after:

Clearing the way for new powerlines:

On-site concrete factory:

Foundation pit:

Remember, all this is for "clean, green" energy! The joke is that it has no effect on regular fuel use, because it depends on the vagaries of the wind so other sources have to remain to really supply the demands of the grid. Even when the wind is just right, this huge facility will be producing at a rate of less than 0.15% of the U.K.'s electricity consumption. But over a year, it will likely produce but a fourth of that (24% of capacity is the average output in the U.K.). To fulfill their goal of 20% electricity from renewable sources, the U.K. will have to destroy over 500 such areas. And they will still have to rely on other sources just as much as before!