July 7, 2004

A note about "NIMBYism"

NIMBY stands for "not in my back yard" and typically refers to the supporters of such social services as half-way houses or utilities such as cell-phone towers and recycling centers as long as they are in other people's neighborhoods. Though it is a common accusation, it does not apply to most opponents of wind facilities. Many of the most vocal were indeed inspired by the threat to local ridges; concern for one's environment is normally considered as admirable. Rather than roll over to the plans of multinational consortia to industrialize the high wild places that characterize the area, it was their duty to learn more about such facilities; making oneself informed also is normally considered positively. They learned about large-scale wind's ineffectual contribution and significant negative impacts, leading them to oppose such projects not just in their own back yards but everywhere. Facts sometimes overcome wishful thinking and propaganda, which is why Mr. Dewey (earlier post) prefers to argue aesthetics (insisting that he is the most qualified judge) and to spout greeting-card pabulum.