September 24, 2010

Two poems by Eric Rosenbloom


Clouds waft from over the ocean
        And rain upon the land
Rivers flowing return to ocean
        Waters seeped through the land

Out of the ocean a ship finds the river
        And sails against her waters
Its people build on her shores of mud
        With rushes, wood, and stone

And their towers tumbling back to the land
        Are the last that the river washes
Of the memories returned to ocean
        Of its people seeped in the land


Lilith the earth has drawn the waters to her
And grown a tree that branches over the ocean
And screens the sky from its jealous view

Adam takes the proffered fruit
And dwells with Lilith among the limbs
And leaves of her mortal garden

She is fair and he her king, but Eve
Her clouded brow is drawing him apart
To live again with her as ever

He promises return but knows not which
And Lilith dies, and he dies too, or lives
With Eve our queen to return, to return