March 2, 2011

$1.22 trillion: feeling secure?

2012 budget request:

Pentagon base budget:  $558 billion
Iraq & Afghanistan operations:  $118 billion
Dept. of Energy nuclear weapons activity:  $19.3 billion
Pentagon miscellaneous:  $7.8 billion
State Dept. counterterrorism activity:  $8.7 billion
Non–Dept. of Defense homeland security activities (Depts. of Homeland Security, Health & Human Services, and Justice):  $53.5 billion
National Intelligence Program:  $53.1 billion (2010 figure)
Veterans' hospital and medical care:  $59 billion
Veterans' disability pensions and education programs:  $70.3 billion
Foreign military aid:  $6.6 billion
International peacekeeping:  $2 billion
Countering WMDs, combating terrorism, clearing landmines:  $0.7 billion
Military pensions:  $48.5 billion
Civilian Dept. of Defense pensions:  $20 billion
Interest on Pentagon debt:  $185 billion (estimate)

Total:  $1,219.2 billion, or $1.22 trillion

Security-related activities of NASA
Security-related activities of State Dept.
Pensions of Non–Dept. of Defense security-related employees
Interest on Non-pentagon security-related debt