September 8, 2010

Burning Qurans

While everybody gets all morally righteous against the ignorant fearful hatefulness of marking September 11 with a pyre of Korans, or against the ignorant fearful hatefulness against a Islamic community center in downtown New York . . .

Let's not forget that these are just reflections of the greater ignorant fearful hatefulness of fact of the U.S. military invading and occupying two large Muslim countries in southwest Asia, abetting one small one (Israel) in its campaign against the mostly Muslim people whose land they took and want more of, and supporting antidemocratic Muslim autocracies in crass return for oil.

A lot more, a lot worse, than Korans have been burned and will be burned.

As a recent cartoon by Jeff Danziger suggests, the Koran burners in Florida reveal the truth of the U.S. mission, its crusade, this auto da fé.