January 21, 2006

Eco-entrepreneur proud of censorship

Did I censor him? I sure as hell did. This is my blog and last I checked, I hold all the power here. I could waste my time trying to convince him that he’s wrong, but I have better things to do with my time.
Shea Gunther is upset because "Rucio" "just keeps asking for 'numbers'" which Gunther can't provide. So he calls us nuts and not completely "American."

After reproducing my complete earlier post (click title of this post), Gunther says, "I look forward to the anti-wind nutjobs reply." A correspondent of ours did in fact reply, asking if it was true, then, that Gunther was not able to answer Rucio's question. That reply has been removed. I guess it's the American way.

Update: Our correspondent tried again to post a comment, this time asking how Gunther squares "looking forward to replies" with deleting them if they question his dogma (good word!) and suggesting it is the deleting that he looks forward to. A few hours later, the comment was gone. Is that the only way Gunther can prove he's right?

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