January 24, 2006

Dear eco-entrepreneur et al.

I'm sorry to bother you guys, but if the whole scheme is so simple, why circle the wagons like this and fire barbs at us just because someone asked to see the numbers?

It's a bit of an overreaction, to say the least.

No one is challenging your reasoning or logic -- much less your sanity, intelligence, or patriotism [as you and yours have done]. It is a simple request for the numbers that back up your statements.

[Of course, the lack of real-world evidence does call into question your reasoning (and threatens your profits, I dare say), so perhaps lashing out a like a trapped animal is indeed your only recourse. It certainly suggests that you have no other, i.e., showing proof of your claims, or even trying to explain why no numbers are available.]

[The above, minus the sections in brackets, was posted to the comments section of whip-snapping eco-entrepreneur Shea Gunther's blog. It was almost immediately removed. There is clearly a problem with dissent over there.]

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